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Summary:  One of the best things about GreatLand Log Homes is OUR LOGS – some of the largest, finest, and most beautiful in the industry. TPI Graded Logs (Timber Products Inspection, Inc.). Handcrafted. Full-round. Massive. Full-scribe. Rustic. Charming. Efficient. Economical. Distinct. Unique. Matchless. Our reputation for superior quality logs is unrivaled in the business.

Description:  GreatLand Logs are handcrafted and full-round, meaning that they are not milled and are round in shape. Each log is hand-selected for quality, peeled, and hand-scribed to construct a superior log package. The logs vary in size from 12” in diameter up to 24″ in diameter or larger, but average 12″-16″ mean diameter. Each log is full-scribed onto the log below, creating a tight log-to-log joint. Additionally, we install insulation between every course of logs and at all corner joints. The corners are joined with a saddle-notch scribe. All logs are full length, leaving no vertical joints. The logs are fastened to one another by utilizing through-bolt connectors at all corners and at other strategic locations. All log packages are hand-built by master craftsmen. When you see one of our log packages you will be in awe of the beauty, quality and charm.

Wood Species:  Our standard wood species are Douglas Fir and Engelmann Spruce. We offer winter-harvested Spruce OR dry Spruce. We also offer Western Red Cedar Logs at an additional cost, and these may require a slightly longer time frame.

Log Packages:  We fully construct the Log Package at our log yard per the final design and plans, and then disassemble and ship the package to your job site, where we reassemble it in approximately one to three days, depending on the size and complexity of the structure. A standard Log Package Kit will include some or all of the following components:

  • Log Package Shell. 9′-0″ high (approximate) exterior Log walls. 12″-16″ mean diameter Logs; handcrafted with full scribe, saddle notch corners, sanded and chamfered. We can also provide 10′-0″ Log walls or higher.
  • Structural Log Posts. Interior and exterior main level Log Posts. Structural Log Roof Posts to support Log Roof structure, with mortise and tenon connections from posts to log purlins.
  • Log Upper Floor System. Log Tie-Beams, Log Beams, Log Floor Joists. Log Balcony/Deck Beams.
  • Log Trusses. Optional interior and/or exterior structural Log Trusses with Log bottom chord, Log angled top chords, Log King Post, Log intermediate posts, intermediate Log angled members (webs).
  • Log Roof Structure. Log Ridge Beams. Log Purlins. Log Dormer Header/Purlins to support dormer roof. Structural Log Roof Posts supporting Log Ridge Beams and Log Purlins on gable ends and at intermediate bearing points, all sized to accommodate load bearing requirements.
  • Framed Gables. Optional pre-framed gables to support Log Roof members for gable ends, dormers, etc.
  • Log Stair System. Interior Log Stair System with half log stringers and half log treads, with mortise and tenon joints.
  • Log Railing. Interior and exterior Log Railing at Loft edge, alongside of Log Stair systems, and at exterior Balconies and Decks.
  • Deck Materials. Log Deck Posts, miscellaneous logs, etc.
  • Openings. Windows and exterior doors pre-cut and key-wayed with bevel/trim cut.
  • Through Bolts. Through bolts provided and pre-drilled as required.
  • Insulation. Insulation provided and installed between each course of logs and in corner notches.
  • General. Log Tie-Beams, Log Joists, Log Ridge Beam, Log Purlins and pitch logs are planed flat, ready to accept dimensional framing. All wall logs are full length with no vertical joints.
  • Hardware. Settling jacks, through-bolts, and steel drift pins provided as required.
  • Grading. TPI (Timber Products Inspection) graded and stamped logs.
  • Frame ready. Slot cuts in Log walls to accept framing at intersections (optional), top round log flattened or sloped for roof framing, door & window openings cut out, beveled and flattened, flattened ledge cuts to accept dimensional framing at floor purlins, and log posts planed at framed wall intersections.

Timeframe:  GreatLand Log Homes offers excellent timeframes on producing custom Log Packages as well as shipping and Log Package assembly timeframes. We will work directly with you to design the home of your dreams, and once the Design is finalized and approved by the Owner the Log Package is ordered. After a Log Package Order, we normally will require approximately six to ten weeks to assemble the Log Package at our log yard. Next, we require a few days to ship to your job site, and then one to three days to have the entire log package assembled at your job site on your prepared foundation and floor system!

Efficiency:  Our Log Homes are constructed with large full round logs, tightly scribed to one another. This system provides an extremely efficient structure. We’ve found that our homes are even more energy-efficient than a well-insulated framed home. This largely has to do with the thermal mass of the logs. A good way to describe thermal mass is to say that once the logs achieve a certain temperature, they hold that temperature very well compared to other materials (including insulation, masonry, etc.). The thermal mass of a log wall is a function of the thickness of the log wall, or the diameter of the logs. Since our logs average 12″-16″ in diameter, our homes are extremely efficient, even when compared to other log companies who provide smaller logs.

Competitive Pricing:  Our Log Packages are priced very competitively, with final cost depending on various factors such as the size of the structure, the complexity of the design, and the amount of log work. Please note that very small square footage homes, single-level homes, or very complex plans tend to be more per square foot than standard sizes and simpler designs. Dry-In Packages, including the log shell, the roof panel system and the window/door package are also priced according to the design and complexity. We believe that you will not find a comparable handcrafted log package elsewhere at a better price. Please Contact Us for further information.

Natural Characteristics:  Wood and its natural characteristics need to be understood and applied in the log home design and building procedures in order for the log home to perform properly. Wood shrinks and log structures settle, and this normal characteristic must be considered in any log home project. Shrinkage is the reduction in dimensional size that takes place naturally as wood dries down to equilibrium. Settling is the compression of wood fibers (even if dry) caused by a superimposed weight on the top of the horizontal logs by the building and snow loads. Shrinkage and settling are very important factors in the engineering and performance of log homes. Both the manufacturer and the builder must understand the concepts of allowing for shrinkage and settling in order to correctly design and build a properly performing log home.

Log Post & Beam and Hybrid Log Homes:  In addition to handcrafted full round log walls, we also offer a Log Post & Beam Package, as well as a “Hybrid” Log Packages, encompassing a combination of elements of both full round and log post of beam styles of construction. These systems provide a Log structural system with portions of framed walls in between the log posts and beams. These cutting-edge Log Package systems allow for a unique combination of handcrafted Log accents with other building styles and exterior/interior finishes, and Log Package pricing is even lower than standard full round Log Packages.


By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established.
– Proverbs 24:3